Publications & Interviews

SheLovesMagazine – Monthly Contributor 

Hope for the Sold Interview: Saskia Wishart

Crossroad Magazine – March 2012 Issue I am Not For Sale (pg. 26-27)               

 Live Encounters Magazine Not For Sale – Anti Slavery Movement


EyeSee Online: EVE – International Stories of Struggle and Triumph Slavery in the Red Light District (pg. 41-45)

EyeSee Article

Christian Examiner Feature on Not For Sale South Africa

The Pendulum Victims or Entrepreneurs? 2 Perspectives on Prostitution

Not For Sale Canadian Youth Stands up to Modern Day Slave Trade

Light Magazine Mother Daughter Story

Picture 15

2 Responses to “Publications & Interviews”
  1. Aliyah says:

    Hey Saskia – thank you for all that you are sharing! I am also a contributor with SheLoves and I live in South Africa and involved with human trafficking. I would like to get in touch – please pop me a mail! Thanks

    • justsaskia says:

      Hi Aliyah,

      I read your post on SheLoves recently and actually MEANT to write to you to say how fabulous I thought it was and how much I think we would have to connect over. So thank-you for tracking me down.

      I will for sure send you an email soon.

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