One Day 2014


This week I documented my one day alongside many others on instagram via #OneDayHH hosted by Hollywood Housewife.

It was fun to take time to photograph all the little parts of my day that I wouldn’t normally think about or share.

I didn’t end up sharing all the photos on instagram, it felt like a little too much! But I did put them here for you to see. Heads up, this was not a typical day. This was a holiday. Just how it happened to work out. All the more fun.

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageSo that was my day in photos… mostly involving public transport, and all the mishaps that accompany it!

Taking photos of the mundane life things reminded me, that after losing Dom last year, the one thing I wished I could change (besides just having him back), was that I would have had more photos. We had a lot and no photo would ever feel like enough, but it is all the little moments that were never captured that you wish you had a small piece of. So if anything, taking photos this past Wednesday reminded me that we never regret having taken too many pictures.

As most of you know, Wednesday in Canada was a hard and sad day. I was very surprised to wake up Thursday morning to see that the city I was visiting here in The Netherlands was covered in Canadian flags. It turns out that the city was honouring Canada for their role in fighting for freedom in The Netherlands 70 years ago this autumn.

When reading more about the history of the city (Bergen op Zoom) and the battles fought here, I came across these beautiful words spoken in 2010:

“And thus it was in 1944, the year the First Canadian Army tore this land from the tyrant’s fist. This army, more than 175,000 Canadians reinforced by Dutch and allied forces, fought its way from Normandy to Rotterdam, field by field, canal by canal, dyke by daunting dyke. They crossed deep, boot-sucking mud. They passed over ground heavily mined. They navigated flooded lowlands, the water sometimes too high to wade through, but too shallow for boats. And around them, and before them always, the dreadful rattle of the machine gun.

More than seven and a half thousand Canadians gave their lives so that the people of the Netherlands could live again. Here, in the Bergen-op-Zoom war cemetery, 968 of them rest forever. A sceptic would ask why? These Canadians did not fight for their country’s gain. It was not for the sake of our power in the world, for the riches of our citizens, or even hatred of the foe they faced.

No, this army of Canadians fought then for the only thing their country fights to this day: That which is right. For the right of human beings to share in the freedom and peace that we as Canadians enjoy. For that alone, Canadians have answered the call. And for that, we are eternally proud.” – Harper, 2010

I found this to be a powerful reminder that in light of what happened in Ottawa this past week, we are not meant to hate our foes, but to continue to fight for what is right, freedom and peace.

Take some time to view this tribute to Cpl Nathan Cirillo who was so senselessly murdered this past Wednesday: Highway of Heroes Photos  and keep praying for his family, Canada and for the freedom of many who are currently being oppressed and terrorized around the world.

xoxo Saskia


One Response to “One Day 2014”
  1. Oma says:

    Thank you Saskia for your pictures and words that reflected that sad day here in Canada.
    We love you very much and miss you. We are so happy you found a very good friend.
    Hoe gaat het op de universiteit? Kan je het wel allemaal volgen, is het niet te moeilijk?
    Met ons gaat het heel goed. Veel visite gehad deze maand wat druk was maar erg gezellig.
    We are planning to go to California after Christmas. We hopen voor
    3 maanden. Bevalt het nog in Amsterdam? Next week we wil visit your parents, your Mom ‘s 50th
    birthday! A big day.! Liefs van Oma en Opa groetjes aan Cor.

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