Guest Post – de(tales): grocery store

I have a guest post up on Little Did She Know today… a story about grocery stores, travel, and all the feelings that come with that…


On (Canadian) Thanksgiving in 2011, I stood alone, crying in the grocery store here in Amsterdam.

The grocery store has always been the place where the reality of travel sinks in for me. Often when I am in a new country, it doesn’t feel real. Until the grocery store. The grocery store is where I know I am not in a familiar place.

That particular Thanksgiving, I was crying because I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. I wanted to make a beautiful meal, but everything was just so much more complicated in a different country. I had been living in Europe for less than six months and I was desperately tired of trying to figure everything out on my own.

Grocery stores have a way of doing that to me. The impersonal experience can feel so vulnerable. Especially when shopping alone. Shopping alone to eat alone. In each new country the grocery store is the place where I realize I don’t have it all together. Whether it is overwhelming me with all the options, or simply overwhelming me with the uncertainty. Some people probably find new grocery stores exhilarating, but I am a creature of food habit. I rotate between my chosen essentials because I am horribly indecisive in environments of plenty. Read more…

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