You Are Invited! Fundraiser April 5th


You Are Invited!

Where: MEFC, 33479 8th Avenue, Mission, BC

What: A fundraiser dinner for Saskia Wishart

When: April 5th, 2014 at 5:30pm

RSVP: saskiawc[@] or elsemiekewishart[@]

Come share some soup and hear about my work in Amsterdam and beyond!

As most of you know, I have been on sabbatical for the first half of 2014. So far it has been a special time of healing and resting, but there are some big things coming up in the next few months and I want you to be involved!

On April 8th, I will be heading to the YWAM base in Kona, Hawaii to take part in a four week training on Crisis Response. This training is hosted by an organisation called CRI – Crisis Response International and covers many topics, including emergency medical care, wilderness first aid, search and rescue, PTSD and grief, and sharing the gospel in difficult locations.

Why this training? First of all, so many of the women we are working with are comingfrom places of crisis. War-zones, refugee camps, and locations of natural disasters on top of being trafficked or exploited. Crisis causes people to be vulnerable to human trafficking. Secondly, when things began escalating in Syria last year and the refugee crisis hit extreme levels, I desperately longed for a way to practically be involved in this tragedy, but did not have an opportunity. When my good friend Christina from South Africa had the chance to travel with CRI to Iraqi-Kurdistan to serve in a Syrian refugee camp, I knew I wanted to get the training to be able to also go to places of need should the opportunity arise. You can read more details on the training here: CRI Intensive Training

So come hear more on April 5th about the work in Amsterdam and this training opportunity! RSVP so we know how much soup to prepare.

The intensive training costs around $1,500USD plus my flights to and from Kona. Plus, thanks to the 1958257_417208271756388_259574901_nEUR/CAD exchange rate there has been a decrease in the value of the CAD$ which has meant this year has been harder than ever to make things work financially.

I have a goal of raising $3000.00 CAD over the next two months, and I really think I can do it, but I need the help of my friends and family. Many of you are already faithfully financially supporting me, but if you know of other people who may be interested in the work I am doing, please bring them along on April 5th or invite them to give via YWAM Canada: (to give to me they need to use my code: WS11)

Can’t make the fundraiser?? No problem, I will be around in British Columbia the first week of April, and for almost two weeks in May (12th-24th)

If you or someone you know would like me to share in your church, small group, or other location please let me know.

One more thing…

My friends Jay and Michelle Brock made a documentary called Red Light Green Light specifically for Canadians about our prostitution laws. They will be touring this documentary in BC this spring, as well as in other parts of Canada. I was interviewed for this documentary, as were many other people. Consider attending one of their showings. They are a great couple and doing really incredible things.

For more information about their tour go to the website here:

Looking forward to seeing you this April/May in Canada!

Much love,

2 Responses to “You Are Invited! Fundraiser April 5th”
  1. Dear Saskia, If only BC were just a couple steps closer to Ontario. AHH. But you know how my heart beats for what you are doing my dear. I will look into supporting you because I believe in this…I believe in what you have been called to. I wish that I could connect with you during your time home…perhaps we could Skype at some point, or not if that is wierd. I’d just love to hear about what opportunities this past year has been given to you. So glad that you have been given this time of rest and soul healing moments love. Praying that those who gather will be given hearts and eyes to see that God is at work in what you do, that this is such an important part of bringing His Kingdom to earth and setting captives free, both physically and mentally. Love it. Love you.

  2. rroste says:

    Sounds like great training, what a wonderful opportunity (and welcome home!)

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