Saskia: I Am From


I am from pots of earl grey teaIMG_1635

From home-made chocolate chip cookies and books instead of television

I am from the valley amidst snow cap peaks

Sticky floors from too many little feet


I am from from summer days, log running, cliff jumping, waterfall climbing, and no sunscreen

I am from winter nights spent on chairlifts overlooking Vancouver city lights


I am from Scottish dancing

From the Australian outback

From the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Yet somehow ended up with tanned skin and dark hair


I am from ‘pasties’ and ‘boerenkool’

From Star Wars marathons and midnight swims and trips to Africa

I am from long walks in Heritage park

Playing in the ruins of a residential school, Canada’s dark history


I am from immigrants and adventurers

And a 16th century Protestant martyr


I am from tears that took too long to shed

I am from a camaraderie shared over stories of addiction stealing ones I loved

I am from secrets, both theirs and mine

From abuse, and loss, and fear


I am from Freedom

Learning it one step at a time


I am from a tidal pool in Cape Town

And ‘grachten’ in Amsterdam

From a pot-hole road in Ndola

And Mission, a hill


I am from family, both blood and choice

I am from broken, learning redemption


I am from…

This post is a part of SheLoves Magazine’s synchro blog entitled “I Am From”. You can read the other I Am From pieces, and submit your own using this template: I Am From

12 Responses to “Saskia: I Am From”
  1. Helen Burns says:

    Love this. Love you xo

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Marilyn Wishart says:

    So glad to Australia in the midst of this insite. So beautiful Saskia. So grateful for redemption.

  3. Michaela. says:

    I like the part about winter chair lifts in Vancouver🙂 although I’ve lived here for years, I’ve never been to those mountains. Visiting from sheloves.

    • justsaskia says:

      Oh you definitely have to get up there on a clear winter night and see the view – especially at sunset. Incredible!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Who was Your 16th century martyr?

  5. Fiona Lynne says:

    I’m a week late, but I love this. It makes me want to know you better. There are stories here that I want to hear. x

  6. Katy Randall says:

    I LOVE this!

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