And There Remains a Sabbath Rest For The People of God


He called to me. 

Come Saskia, I have something to show you.

I looked around, there was so much to do.

“I will in a minute.”

Come, you don’t want to miss this.

“Okay, okay, let me just finish this.”

I’ll wait.

I got the bike out of the shed and biked away from my house. I pulled up in the spot where we’ve met before. “Wow.” I let out a breathe. “This is so lovely.”

He grinned.

I know right.

“It’s beautiful.

I almost missed it didn’t I?

It’s just that I am so worried about her. And about the other one. I don’t know how to fix it. It’s just not right.”

No, it’s not right.

“But what can I do? I’m so worried.”


The rebuke was gentle.

 Just be still for a second.

I stand quietly.

Do you hear the birds?

I smiled, I could hear them. It was so peaceful.

He was grinning.

There’s more. Look over there.

“Oh, all the colours. They are so lovely.”

I know.

I kept moving forward.

Did you see that tree?

I paused, In my hurry, I had almost missed it. “That’s a great tree.”

I’m glad you like it.

I stopped for a moment, taking deep breathes. “It smells so fresh out here.”

 I smile sheepishly. “I guess I miss a lot of things because I am moving so fast.”

It is good to rest.

“I just forget sometimes. I seem to forget a lot of things you say.”

I know. But then you come back, and you remember.

“It was you yesterday wasn’t it?” I ask even though I know the answer, I just want to make sure, so I don’t forget. “When the wall of fatigue hit me so hard, and everything started to hurt, and I felt sick to my stomach. It was you who lifted the pain wasn’t it? You made me laugh in the midst of it all.”

I love to make you laugh, in the midst of it all.

“Thank-you.” It felt good to be reminded that he was looking out for me. Even in the little things.

I think for a second. “Sometimes I am scared that they won’t see how good you are.”

I pause, and then it all comes out in a flood. “I am scared that they miss so much. They miss you, they miss your love, they miss the joy you give. I am scared that I don’t know how to show your love, I mess up all the time, I say the wrong thing, or I don’t say enough. I am terrified that they won’t see you.” I look around and bite my lip. “They won’t see this.”

He knows who I am talking about.

Your just going to have to keep showing them.

“But is it enough?” I stare at the sky for a few minutes.

“I am still worried.”

He laughed a big laugh, the kind that makes you want to  join in.

You are always so worried. 

I had to laugh too, and let it go for a moment.  “And you are always so kind.”

It was getting dark now, and I was getting cold. “Would there have been more? If I had come sooner, would there have been more for me?”

Don’t worry. 

I sat down on the bench and wrapped my arms around my knees. We had talked about so much this afternoon. It was good to be back with him again.

There was still something I wanted to ask.

Quietly now,

“Jesus, can you tell me what you think of me?”

It was silent. His arm came around my shoulder. I leaned into the hug. He was there, he was with me. It stayed quiet for a long time. It wasn’t that cold when we were sitting together like this.

After a long time, the words came.

Arise, my darling, my beautiful one. Come with me.

“I’m sorry I had to ask. I shouldn’t have to anymore.” Embarrassed, a little tear slipped down my face. “I feel better now.”

I know.

“Their just going to think this is silly. They will probably think it was all in my head.”

I was leaving now. My brain rationalising, making lists for the evening, thinking of all that had to be done. There were still so much to do. I stood up. “It was good to be with you.”

I know.

I can’t help but smile. He always knows everything.

We go back to the house. I make another cup of tea, and roll my shoulders, glancing in the mirror, my face looked so much calmer now.

Amazing what an afternoon with him can do.


It is humbling to rest. It is a reminder that we are not so important that we can’t not take a break. It is a reminder that our strength comes from the Lord. He will lift us up. He will help us to run and not grow weary, he will give us the ability to walk and not grow faint.

In our rest, He is waiting. He arrives, He carries, and He renews.

And there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God.

11 Responses to “And There Remains a Sabbath Rest For The People of God”
  1. Michelle says:

    Oh Saskia, this spoke right into my soul. Thank you so much for this. What a wonderful God we have.

    • justsaskia says:

      Yes! He is wonderful! I hope you will also get time over the next few weeks to rest in that, despite your crazy travel schedule! Xoxo

  2. idelette says:

    Beautiful words. That sounds a lot like my conversations with Jesus. And many times i have to ask for a reminder. He’s amazing. Thank you for sharing your intimate afternoon.

  3. Saskia, i loved this. I love moments like this with our King. They are so precious, and remind us why we are in love with Him. Thanks for sharing

  4. Benita says:

    SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for the subtlety of acknowledging Him. Keep ’em coming!

    Loved it!

  5. Mirabela says:

    So beautiful!🙂 You are such a sweet encouragement and reminder of all He is in our lives!

  6. MamaMieke says:

    There was a time when you were little I felt like it was my job to introduce you to Jesus and help you understand what it means to have a relationship with Him. When I read this post I had a profound sense of knowing that that part of my job is finished because you know him and you have a unique and blessed relationship with Him. This gives me peace and joy. Thank you Jesus for dying for Saskia.

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