Freedom Story Update

In January I posted about a woman named Linda (not her real name).

Her situation came to my attention after someone contacted me on twitter mentioning that they knew a lady who was looking to exit the sex industry. He asked for a contact in Johannesburg and I was able to connect him with someone working there.

I recently received another email update on her situation, five months later, and the report is absolutely beautiful to read, here is a small excerpt from the email:

“When I text Linda* yesterday to say I was coming over to visit, her reply was “Ok, please meet me at Wilgeheuwel Hospital.” I got so worried, but she eased my fears by replying “No don’t worry, i am not sick! I just decided that instead of sitting around doing nothing, i am going to go to the hospital. There are people there who never get any visitors. I am going to go read to them and pray for them….”

WOW!! I was moved to tears! When I saw her, she was absolutely glowing. She is like a different person! God is speaking to her, working in her heart, her life, her mind…. and it is the most beautiful thing in the world to see. I am so incredibly humbled at His awesome power of transformation.”

 This young women has left prostitution and is now using her story and her life to encourage others who are sick, hurting or who would like to exit prostitution.

She is currently looking for a job, and has had an offer that they are waiting on to see if it will materialise. It can be difficult for women who have been labelled as prostitutes to access new job opportunities. Something that often comes up with the older women working here in Amsterdam is that even though they would like to leave sex work behind, they doubt anyone will hire them.

This last week in Amsterdam we began our training program in the HOME soup kitchen with four women who have been victims of human trafficking and exploitation. One girls story was so awful it has affected my whole week. But the beauty of doing our training program with these ladies is that we get to see such a transformation in them as the label of where someone has been is removed, and the potential of what they could be begins to take shape. Like Linda, each of these women are discovering what it means to walk away from the label that represents their former exploitation and begin to see themselves in a new light.

Please continue to pray for Linda in South Africa, as well as for the many other women who are taking steps towards building a new future. If you would like to support Linda financially in some of her needs during this next season, please contact me directly.

2 Responses to “Freedom Story Update”
  1. wes sakmar says:

    that story inspires me to do more to help stop human trafficking

    • justsaskia says:

      Awesome- It is inspirational when we see people overcome difficult circumstance and begin to live for a fuller future!

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