Fear, Uncertainty, and All That Touches The Heart.

I found this in my notes, I must have written it a while ago. Sharing it.

My Heart

Run, I am running. I’ve been running for so long. I love them and I love to run from them.

Fear, it can almost be paralyzing. I know too much of the evil the world has to offer and it makes me afraid. I see the effects in the ones I hold dearest, and I see it in the stories of the ones far away.

Broken, I know I am broken. That is why I broke you, but don’t worry it hurt me too. It may have been right, but heartbreak never really feels right.

Walk. I want to walk on. I want to walk in humility. I want to walk out love, and run my fingers down the spinal cord of justice. I know when nerves are damaged nothing functions right. And we are all a little damaged.

Hope, I know hope in my head, but sometimes my heart forgets what it looks like.

Him, I want him. The one who will become one with me and bring me home. Build a refuge for me, is that too much to ask?

Truth, you spit it out into the great abyss, waiting for it to boomerang back, but it takes so long and your eyes can only see so far.

Heart. It gets exposed. Uncertainty clutches on to your heartstrings. Pulled so tight, fear plays the strings to a tune you know so well, heart beating fast, you feel your toes curl over the edge of what is sane and what is beyond repair.

Step back from the ledge or step out and hope that truth left a path to follow. Pray that light will shine when the moment feels too dark.

There is beauty in the ocean, beauty in the sunset, and beauty in the forest. But what about in the stench that is our rotten society? Can hope abound? Can truth come bouncing back when it is flung out? Can it bring something with it that will illuminate just a little more of the journey?

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