Fast For Freedom Day 19 – Overcoming Evil With Good #IWFF

This season of lent, follow along with the Fast For Freedom. Participate by sharing, praying, fasting, or giving to raise awareness about global slavery. Download the 40 day devotional for free here. Share your own thoughts and prayers in the comments, and be challenged to take action in the movement for Freedom.

 So first of all, I have to say that the discipline needed to get through lent is something I think I underestimated. Not so much for the fasting part, because I am in a habit now, but for the taking intentional time each day to seek God on the issue of Human Trafficking. Honestly, I am not so spiritual as to be able to say that I spend the time I know I should with the one who is my strength in the everyday journey of seeking justice. Lent, fasting, and being intentional with God are things we cannot do on our own strength, and I am realising more and more that the key to developing a healthy spiritual life lies somewhere in the tension of discipline and grace. Discipline to take that time each day and lift up to God the worries, the fears, the successes, and the mundane of our journey, and grace to know that in myself I cannot do it all. It is by His strength and even by His grace that we are transformed.
With that said, back to today’s devotion and the thoughts that ensued.
Today was actually an odd day for me, I spent the morning listening to my colleague teach on healthy sexuality while doing ministry in the areas of prostitution and trafficking. It was an incredible reminder of God’s goodness and the beauty in His design of sex and pleasure, which stands in stark contrast to the dark and twisted things we see when working to combat exploitation and trafficking. Finding a balance of seeing the broken and celebrating the beautiful takes work. (I think today was all about contrasts and tensions for me).
This evening I watched the documentary “Born Into Brothels” with a group of YWAM students. I had seen this documentary a few years ago, long before I became involved in the issue of human trafficking and long before I had become acquainted with the complexities of prostitution. To watch it again, with the filters on my brain of how difficult it can be to create lasting change was actually a bit exhausting. I was overwhelmed by sheer weight of trouble in our world. And yet, I was inspired and filled with hope that change can happen and people can make a difference. The reminder that I got while watching “Born Into Brothels” was there is good in even the most difficult circumstances, and good can overcome so much evil. Which is the theme of today’s devotion, “Do not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good.”
An amazing reminder as we navigate the tension of living in an already, but not yet world. Already we have seen freedom through Jesus Christ and we know that evil has been overcome, but the story is not yet done, and there is still slavery and evil thriving.
Those were my thoughts on today’s devotion; but here are a few other things you might like to read from the abolitionist world today:
Abolitionist friend of mine, Tara Teng wrote a beautiful blog post on words and love and action :
An article I wrote for Crossroad Magazine was published online (Pg. 26-27). Check it out here:
Also check out another great Canadian who is Fasting For Freedom and blogging about it here:
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