The Canadian Movement

The anti-human trafficking movement in Canada for me is defined by several amazing individuals; people like Tara Teng, who uses her voice and platform for good, my friend Naomi Krueger, who has committed herself to the care and re-habilitation of those who have been enslaved, Jay and Michelle Brock, who work together to build bring to light the issue of sex trafficking, and MP Joy Smith, a woman who has committed her political platform to addressing legislation in Canada that will protect the vulnerable from exploitation.

There are strong voices that have risen up from within Canada, and I am so excited to see what change will come when so many have dedicate their time and efforts to the cause.

Within Not For Sale, we have had so many Canadian’s who have attended the academies in San Francisco, and right now we have two powerful women in our Not For Sale fellowship representing the true North! (Read one of their posts “I am Canadian?”).

Since I am so passionate about freedom, and the way Not For Sale is creatively addressing this problem, I am even more excited to share with you a few ways that Canadians can join with NFS this year.

Firstly, there is an event happening in BC on March 7th that features Ethan Batstone and the fantastic social justice rapper NomiS! This is a fundraising event for Not For Sale and is being happening at Mulgrave Highschool in West Vancouver. If you haven’t already checked it out yet, visit and “Like” the NFS Canada facebook page to get the details. I really encourage you to attend this event and learn more about the practical ways you can take action. If you do go, let me know, I would love to share your thoughts and experiences on here, and of course, please say hi to NomiS and Ethan from me!

Secondly, the Not For Sale Academy World Tour will be in London, Ontario on March 25th. This event includes a main workshop and three training sessions highlighting Free2work, Social Enterprises, and Faith Based Activism. Information on attending is on the Hope For The Sold websiteCost is $20/person in advance or $25/person at the door. For tickets contact Jennelle or Ziggy Duerksen at 905-685-4062 or Half an hour will be allotted for BYO supper. The rating for this event is G – suitable for all. 

For those of you in Canada, let us stand up and declare that as we are part of the True North, Strong and Free, freedom matters to us and we will take action to be a part of the change! I encourage you to attend one of these events if it is in your area, and join the facebook page to find out what else is going on in Canada with NFS.

P.S. I know I mentioned a few Canadian abolitionists at the top of the page, but I know there are many more of you out there. I would love to hear about what you are doing. Feel free to comment with a story or link to other work happening in Canada so we can continue to support one another!

One Response to “The Canadian Movement”
  1. Jen says:

    The NFS academy tour isn’t in London! It’s in St. Catherine’s.🙂

    It is amazing to see the collaboration that is taking place to be united voices. The numerous events every month is definitely evidence that people are passionate not only about increasing awareness but in partnering for long-term, sustainable prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation for those in and rescued from sex trafficking.

    Thanks for shining a light on Canada!

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