Fast For Freedom Day 9 – Where the Spirit of the Lord is #IWFF

This season of lent, follow along with the Fast For Freedom. Participate by sharing, praying, fasting, or giving to raise awareness about global slavery. Download the 40 day devotional for free here. Share your own thoughts and prayers in the comments, and be challenged to take action in the movement for Freedom.

“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” 2 Cor. 3:17

Love it! Today’s devotion reminds us that nothing can hinder the plans of God. There is no opposition or circumstance that can prevent His Spirit from bringing freedom! No system of oppression can prevent the work that God is doing to bring freedom. In celebration of this freedom, let me share a few stories, quotes, and blogs that have challenged or inspired me today:

First of all, big news from Amsterdam, we have officially launched work catering program we are doing as “Home”. Read a bit more about the amazing progress happening Amsterdam right now:

In 2011, global leaders gathered at the Montara Circle Amsterdam to dialogue and design a solution to stop the trafficking of young girls from impoverished regions of Eastern Europe to Western Europe. The result of this innovative gathering launched the Not For Sale pilot of a catering program led by long-time front lines activist, NFS Netherlands Coordinator Toos Heemskerk. The Not For Sale catering program is called “Home”, centering on the idea of “Home” being a safe environment that provides its recipients with the opportunity for a better future. “Home” delivers soups made by survivors to those working in Amsterdam’s red light district read more

Secondly, for a bit more inspiration, I would encourage you to read this post from Samantha – a current NFS fellow who wrote about how the realisation of what it means to be a part of “Creating New Future’s” has quite literally got her out of bed in the morning with excitement and anticipation. I love this quote she uses to start off her post:

“You never change something by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” Buckminster Fuller

I feel like it perfectly summarises what NFS is doing to bring about change to the issue of human trafficking.

 Finally, I was challenged this morning when reading a blog post by writer Jeff Goins: 3 lies to Face Before You Find Your Passion. Not only could I relate to having faced (and am still facing) the lies that stop us from pursuing our passion, but I also was totally inspired by this line from the post:
“Our vocations are marked not by how much money we make or the attention we earn doing them. They’re marked by passion.”
Even though he was referring to being a writer, I think those of us involved in abolition work can totally relate to this. We do it because it is our passion.
I pray that on Day 9 of this fast for freedom you have felt the excitement that comes with being involved in freedom, you have been reminded that it is His spirit that brings freedom, and finally that you were inspired by others who are finding freedom and living out their passions. This is what will bring change.
Grace and peace.

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