Imagine walking barefoot into a dark room. Imagine the floor is covered in broken glass.

You can’t see what you are stepping on. You don’t know exactly what you are losing with each step.

Flip on the light and you can see where you are going. You can pick your way through the mess. You can even begin to bend down and pick up the broken pieces.

When we are walking in the dark we will get cut up, slashed, torn apart. We will become consumed with our own hurt and pain, we will try and tip toe around the all the pieces lying around us, trying to avoid what we cannot see.

But once the light goes one we suddenly see where we are going and the beauty we are stepping on.

We can begin to piece together all those bits of glass. Even though some pieces will be lost, some will be crushed so small they hardly seem worth it, and some pieces will never fit together the same, all that brokenness can begin to form something glorious, that never could have been made any other way.

Your hands may still get cut and nicked in the process, but you can see what you are reaching for, and begin to know what needs to preserved to create the most beautiful mosaic.

Now imagine all the broken glass is the suffering of human hearts.

If the mosaic is created by all those beautiful broken pieces, than the blood of Jesus is the adhesive that seals all the pieces back together.

At that point you can step back and see the glory of a picture stained in blood and brokenness but forming something beautiful.

It’s hard not to get cut up when we are working in the mess, but with the light on, we don’t have to become consumed with self-preservation and fear.

In the light

Walk in the light, and do not be afraid of the pain. There is beauty in the broken.

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