Stories and the Spread of Freedom

I arrived back in Amsterdam on Sunday. I went for dinner at a friends house and as I walked into their lounge I looked down at their coffee table and saw a familiar magazine:

Stories of Freedom

A copy of Eye See Media‘s issue ‘Stories of Freedom’ was sitting there. I had only read the online version, so it was a great to be able to pick up a physical copy and flip through it.

It also got me thinking about the power of storytelling.

Stories spread, and as they spread they inspire. We connect the most with the stories of individuals. When it comes to motivating people to action, we need to tell the stories that both connect to our hearts and gives us hope for change and a better future.

Recently I heard an amazing story from a friend in South Africa. A few weeks ago someone contacted me on twitter mentioning that they knew a lady who was looking to exit the sex industry. He asked for a contact in Johannesburg and I was able to connect him with someone working there.

Yesterday an update email went out telling us a little bit of this lady’s story:

“Linda (not her real name) made some bad life choices and ended up in the lifestyle of prostitution. She was desperate to get out and has such a strong desire to “get married, start a family and have a normal life”. Even though she had started going to church, and believes in God, she was afraid to approach the church for help for fear of being judged. I find this incredibly sad, as the church should be the place that open its arms to the broken, hurting, the captives that Jesus came to set free.

Through a series of networking and no doubt, God’s hand, she was put in touch with the right people and i really feel that God is honouring this young lady’s decision to leave the lifestyle, and is opening up the floodgates of heaven for His precious daughter.

The most pressing matter was finding her somewhere new to stay – and she has been offered a fully furnished place rent free for 3 months as she works to get back on her feet! Her toiletries have been sponsored, her food is covered, a lady has come forward offering counselling services and someone else is looking into job options / skills development courses for her. One or two ladies have offered just to meet with her for friendship and encouragement, and several people have offered to simply dedicate time to praying for her. Thank you to each of you!!

As all of this unfolds, Linda has been blown away by the Christian love and generosity shown towards her, as well as God’s individual love for her. Just knowing that there are people out there who believe in her and are willing to walk with her, has spurred her on to such heights of hope for a better life and future. Her faith has been strengthened too…”

As one or two people heard Linda’s story and connected to it, they spread her story, and along with that they spread the needs she had. Many people were able to join in her journey and offer their assistance. As we move forward in freedom, it is key to tell the stories of individuals with grace and dignity, and when we feel our heart tugged by the realities of exploitation, poverty, and modern-slavery, we need to be prepared to take action and join into the great story of freedom that God is weaving across the globe.

I challenge you this week – Spread stories, spread freedom, take action!

To read the Stories of Freedom issue from Eye See Media visit the link below:

3 Responses to “Stories and the Spread of Freedom”
  1. You do awesome work. I pray for you from time-to-time. Should do so more often. God bless you.

  2. justsaskia says:

    Brendon, I am thankful we have connected via the web and your prayers are much appreciated!

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