3 months and all that is significant

I had a realization this week.

I haven’t spent more than three months in one country this whole year.

Canada – Cape Town – Amsterdam – Romania – London  – Canada – Amsterdam – Cape Town – Amsterdam – San Francisco – Canada – Hawaii – Canada – and as of this evening… San Francisco

And the craziest part is that almost none of it has been planned. No tickets have been booked far in advance. I never expected any of it.

I totally love to think that I can look ahead and have an idea about what is coming next. But the truth is, thank goodness I didn’t know what this year was going to bring. If I had known in January what would come next I probably would have pulled the covers over my head and stayed in bed… if only I had a permanent one to sleep in!

This November I arrived in Canada feeling like my brain couldn’t over-think my life anymore then it already has. But God had that covered for me too, as I got to go on holiday and experience 10 days of legit rest. Rest that has led me into reflection.

Whenever December nears I go into reflection mode. It was December 4 years ago that love of God crashed through my hard heart and made it new. Nothing has ever been the same. And so I reflect on all that I could have never planned but has somehow been led me to where I am.

At the Global Forum on Human Trafficking, I spoke on a panel called abolitionists of tomorrow (You can watch it here, session 3 starting around  twenty minutes). This panel was hosted by the inspirational Bob Goff (you should probably follow him on twitter right now @bobgoff ). As we prepared for our panel he gave each of us girls a theme for our life of abolition. The line he gave me was “I say yes.”

My name is Saskia and I say yes. In saying yes, there is freedom.

2011 has been for me a year of love and heartbreak, of letting go, saying goodbye, forging a new path, packing everything I owned into 23kg’s, re-evaluating what is significant in my life, and saying yes to a journey that can’t be  planned ahead of time and yet was mapped out before I was conceived. In yes there is freedom, and in our freedom we set others free to say yes.

This morning in church we sang a song that has stayed with me all day:

Whatever comes
Whatever season paints this day
Whatever trial may come our way
We will rely upon Your grace

Whatever comes
If it’s a mountain we must climb
Whatever clouds of doubt we find
We will press on to reach the prize
Whatever comes

Whatever comes
Cultures will rise as nations fall
Troubles will challenge and assault
Your word will stand above them all

Whatever comes
All that we cannot comprehend
Disasters will break the pride of men
You will be faithful till the end
Whatever comes

I am often in fear of what will come next. It is hard for me to say, let alone sing, whatever comes. And yet when I step back into reflection I realize that I cannot live in fear of what will come.

I have made a choice to say yes to an almighty God, whatever comes.

And at this moment, whatever the next three months will bring, that is the most significant thing in my life.

Are you saying yes? 

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