Global Forum Part III


Third post on the Global Forum is up on Eye See Media Online. More than inspiration, what will be your action step?

/ October 25, 2011 2:32 am

Global Forum Part III

“We place more value on the soul of a shoe than the soul of a person” – Hip-Hop artist NomiS, Global Forum on Human Trafficking 2011

On day two of the Global Forum on Human Trafficking 2011, my good friend and colleague Christina Bacino asked the question, “What is in your hands?” She was talking about the ‘how-to’ of taking […]

2 Responses to “Global Forum Part III”
  1. Hi Saskia – I am becoming more aware of the intense reality of this crime – underneath our noses – i live in Mpumalanga (write near to where the Maputo Corridor Human Trafficking was going on last year during the World Cup), however this year it has been very ‘quiet’. I work at an HIV clinic, specifically with youth, as an occupational therapist. NK introduced me to his film, Dear Sister, and it has stuck with me ever since – how easy it is for people to get caught up in human trafficking… and not able to get out…

    For World AIDS day, we are viewing his film, ‘Dear Sister’ and want to also view one or two from the resurgence unearthed website. And link it with how to equip kids with safety tools.
    Nest year we are planning to host a regional viewing and awareness campaign, as we do not have organizations specifically focused on eradicating human trafficking in this area, and therefore want to provide a platform where the existing organizations working with vulnerable children, can partner and who knows!maybe something will be born to address this harsh reality.

    check out our website: or send an email!
    THank you


    • justsaskia says:

      Hey Meghan,

      I love hearing how you are getting involved in the movement to end slavery!! NK and I are great friends and I was honoured to be involved in the making of ‘Dear Sister’ – So excited to hear that it is being put to good use.

      If you are interested you can read a little more about the work NFS has done in Cape Town here:

      Looking forward to hearing in the future what comes from the initiatives you are part of in Mpumalanga!

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