Why the ‘death’ of Corporate Social Responsibility means you should buy a T-Shirt

This morning I read an article via the Guardian “CSR is dead, long live social enterprise”

| Let me quickly summarise if for you…

(since less than 1/10th of you actually click the links I provide on here, unless of course I am writing about porn, than surprise, surprise, you check out every link) | okay, back to the summary:

Basically Corporate Social Responsibility is the good a company does by giving money to charity, having its staff volunteer, etc. Social Enterprises on the other hand take things a step further, they don’t just do some good, they are good. A business set up to make lives and the environment better while still being profitable. As this article highlights, we are expecting more from companies these days. Filling a minimal quota of CSR is just not enough:

“The explosion in popularity of social enterprises recently is a direct consequence of the inability of existing companies to grasp the new reality that a company’s core purpose must be to deliver positive social impact and not to simply minimise negative impacts while ultimately focusing on maximising profit in the short-term

So why I am telling you all this?

Because when it comes to human trafficking it is time for companies to go above and beyond. When it comes to the suffering of thousands of people around the world it is time for consumers to demand more. When it comes to making a difference Social Enterprises need to be there to bridge the divide between money and human dignity. Human Trafficking is an economic issue as much as a human rights issue, and with that we need an economic answer.

Cue in a great Social Enterprise, sevenly.org, a company that this week is sincerely offering an economic solution to the problem of modern slavery.

The idea behind Sevenly is to ‘raise capital and awareness’ about the issues that break God’s heart, and partner with the amazing charities that around the world that are doing something to make a difference.

Each week they focus on a different organisation and cause, with a different t-shirt design.

They sell these limited edition t-shirts for 7 days and donate $7 from every t-shirt to the featured charity. All of their t-shirt designs are really cool and really original (check out some past designs here)

THIS WEEK ONLY – Sevenly and the Not For Sale Campaign are partnering to “Let Them Be Free” – with the $7 from each t-shirt sold going to provide support and protection for women rescued from sex slavery in Cambodia. What adds to the cool factor is the fact that the black t-shirts being sold this week are actually made in Not For Sale Campaign’s own Social Enterprise – a factory in Cambodia which provides survivors of human trafficking alternative  job opportunities. So its like a double-dose of goodness every time you buy a shirt.

Re-cap: Keeping woman employed in Cambodia and providing Not For Sale with more resources to further improve the lives of these survivors equals you going to www.sevenly.org and doing all your Christmas shopping… or at least buying a t-shirt that you can feel 100% good about.

Consumers have a voice, lets show companies, and those exploited by human trafficking, that we really are willing to make smarter buying choices in order to better the lives of those behind the creation of our purchases.

And yes, I did put so many links in this blog post for my own personal entertainment (since you probably haven’t visited any of them yet), and possibly because I am throwing this posting together at 2am, so onward with the shameless linkage: visit www.sevenly.org and make a purchase before the 18th of September!

4 Responses to “Why the ‘death’ of Corporate Social Responsibility means you should buy a T-Shirt”
  1. I read and clicked on one link🙂

  2. Jan Carver says:

    I know about all these links & I have ordered my t-shirt – so impressed by the design – love feathers, fancy font, black & white, orange & turquoise – just so beautiful can’t wait to receive & wear it – will wear on the flight to Global Forum 2011 & home – I’m sure will create lots of conversation… ♥

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