Surviving a new city.

I say surviving, because I am definitely not conquering.

Not floundering either.

Just getting by.

It’s only been 10 days anyways.

Moving is rough. Especially when you are moving somewhere where you don’t already have a life pre-established.

10 days ago, I stood at the airport check out counter in Cape Town with everything in my flat condensed to two big bags. 1 of which didn’t get to come on the flight with me.

They wanted to charge me $850 for the second bag. So I left it.

Unpacked in Amsterdam and realized I probably choose the wrong 1 bag to take with me. The one I did take contained a whole lot of underwear, work out clothes, pj’s, and my make up. All my other clothes are still in CT.

 I have been rocking this look for about ten days now.

I did get to go shopping though, so lack of clothing is no longer my complaint. My newest complaint is lack of community, and my lack of motivation to start finding a community all over again. I did that already. Twice. I don’t know that I really want to be the new person in a church full of strangers again.

I just want to be known already.

The whole effort of tracking down friends of friends who I should hang out with in Amsterdam is a little intimidating. I almost want to just stay home and hang out on facebook where I know I have enough friends already.

Unfortunately a facebook social life doesn’t give me what I really crave: real, authentic, face-to-face interaction.

What we all crave.

I often end up in situations where people tell me things like – “your soooo brave for doing that, I could never handle it. I would never even try.”

But sometimes I am tired of being the brave one. The one with the exciting life that also leads to a lot of late nights alone in new cities with my facebook.

I was drinking wine in my back garden today. Alone.

And there was a rainbow.

It was awesome.

And reminded me that I am not doing this alone.

And I may be surviving right now, but I work for a God who doesn’t care if I fail or conquer, He loves me either way, and He has promised to be with me.

Sometimes it takes surviving in a new city alone to realize how loved I am and that He never leaves me. I am never actually alone.

 PS. Suggestions for living in a new city? Recommendations for people I should be friends with or things I should check out in Amsterdam? Pass it on. Comment below. xoxo

7 Responses to “SurvivingANewCity.”
  1. Monique says:

    Nice blog Saskia! Looking forward to the rest .. how long are you in Amsterdam for? I have friends who live in Amstelveen who go to a good church if you want contacts? Can relate to what you were saying … thank the Lord for internet sometimes🙂 Hugs from Canada xx

  2. Rene says:

    Hi Saskia, we praying for you and keep smiling. Marlon will be in Amsterdam from 20 Aug and I arrive first week of September so we will see you soon. Greetings from CT

  3. Haelyn says:

    Hi Saskia,

    I am a friend of a friend of your mom I think. My name is Haelyn and I live in Hoorn. I was also new in the Netherlands 3 years ago, but I am doing well at the moment. Just wanted to let you know that you can always come visit us, when you want face to face contact. I also have a few possibilities for churches in Amsterdam, also English speaking ones

    • justsaskia says:

      Hi! That would be great, if you want to email me the names of the churches: and perhaps I can come through one time to visit! Is always nice to meet with new people and have things to look forward to!

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