10 Reasons to Attend the Global Forum on Human Trafficking

10 Reasons to Attend the Global Forum on Human Trafficking

The Global Forum on Human Trafficking is happening on the 21st & 22nd of October at Juniper Networks in Sunnyvale California. This is a gathering of of abolitionist from around the world discussing how we can bring an end to Human Trafficking. Here are ten reasons why YOU definitely need to attend this exciting event:

1)  LEADERS: You will hear from modern abolitionist leaders from all walks of life, working in many different sectors, all around the world. And they are actually DOING something about Human Trafficking. (See speaker list here)

2)  INSPIRATION: So after hearing from all these amazing people you definitely will be inspired to take action, big or small in your own community.

3)  LIKE MINDED: There will be heaps of other people attending the global forum that are probably just as passionate as you! It’s like being in an incubator of passion, and no matter how different some of us are, we are all united for the cause of freedom! You can connect with people in your faith group, student networks, those who are involved in similar business, or other regular people who just really care about this issue!

4) INTERNATIONAL: Imagine hearing stories of Human Trafficking from someone who has worked on the front lines in Eastern Europe, Africa, or Asia. Law Enforcement, NGO’s, and people from around the world who have dedicated their whole lives to protecting the vulnerable. Maybe it will inspire you to take a trip overseas and give some time to one of the projects you hear about! Watch this video about Kru Nam from Thailand:

5)  INNOVATIVE: The Global Forum is not about repeating the same old same old, but about using new technology, creativity, and innovation to create long-term solutions. At the same time, we aren’t ‘reinventing the wheel’ rather just gathering together to recognize what actually works.

6)  COOL FACTOR: Okay so this may be your only selling point if you aren’t totally passionate about the issue of Human Trafficking… but you like being cool.

The #GFHT11 is being hosted by Juniper Networks – a majorly cool technology company, close to San Francisco, a really cool city, by Not For Sale whose staff are basically the coolest people you will ever meet.

7)  UNITY: And although the Global Forum is run by Not For Sale, its great because it really isn’t about just one organisation, but many different groups of people sharing what works and doesn’t work. If you are a ‘networker’ who keeps thinking people in the movement need to work together more, than its time for you to ‘put your money where your mouth is.’ Stop reading my blog right now and go register.

8)  2 DAYS: I get that your life is probably really busy, and you may be keen to attend #GFHT11 but your wondering how the heck you can fit it into your schedule… well the good news for you is that its ONLY 2 DAYS. If Anti-Human Trafficking is your passion, two days is not a lot to set aside for an event as inspirational as this.

9)  ACADEMIES: Maybe you are thinking the opposite… is a trip to California really worth only two days? That’s okay, I totally hear you, and if you are that person, I have amazing news for you. Not For Sale is hosting two academies directly after the Global Forum. So if you have a few weeks to give than don’t stop at #GFHT11. Make your trip worth it and attend an investigator academy and/or the supply chain academy and take an even bigger step into engagement! If you decide to do the the academies directly after the global forum, click here to get a sweet discount

10)                DISCOUNT: Speaking of discounts, my final point- I love meeting other abolitionists, so I really want YOU to attend. If you are seriously about to go register yourself for the Global Forum after reading this blog post, feel free to drop me an email and just because I appreciate my blog readers, I will hook you up with a discount code for your registration😉 (Saskia@notforsalecampaign.org)

Convinced? Great – I will see you there!

Already registered? Even better, leave a comment and let me know. I am stoked to see you in October!

Help spread the word – Retweet this post and include the hashtag #GFHT11 or join the Global Forum on Facebook and invite your friends!

Follow @NFS_GlobalForum on twitter for up to date information!

2 Responses to “10 Reasons to Attend the Global Forum on Human Trafficking”
  1. Kristi says:

    I just found this, linked from your other article just posted. I am SO sad to have just learned about this as it is this week!! Is any of it being streamed? Or will be archived? I work for Freeset and would love to come next year.

    • justsaskia says:

      Hey Kristi, I actually just learned Not For Sale will be doing some live streaming during the event, you can like them on facebook or follow them on twitter to get more details!
      Next year you should absolutely come🙂

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