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Southern Africa – Why it is one of the greatest places on earth

Africa has a pretty interesting rep overseas – particularly in North America, and you can’t really blame most people. A lot of the information that is fed through media has to do with war, HIV, poverty, and crime. A lot of people think of Africa and picture mud huts and elephants. Which is a part of Africa… but that would be kinda like visiting Disneyworld and thinking you’ve seen all of North America.

So in an effort to reminisce about my last three years living in South Africa – here are a few highlights and memories, which should help convince you that Southern Africa is truly amazing.

South Africa:

Cape Town – words that come to mind: Diversity, culture, two oceans, beaches, baboons,

TABLE Mountain, hiking, swimming, surfing, stunning

views, Mizoli’s (greatest township braai place), AMAZING sunrises and sunsets and sun in general,

 rainbow city 

Cape Coloured Culture. If you haven’t experienced it than you are missing out. That’s all I will say about that because you definitely can’t put it into a few words. Just think belly aching laughter and you will know what an evening at one of their lekker braai’s is like.

Braaing in general – a religiously South African activity, better than a barbeque and with a lot more boerworst.

South Africa is home to the world’s highest bungee jump and yes on January 1st 2009, we did conquer that challenge. Think 750 feet and a 4 second free fall over a stunning gorge.


Really good wine.

Highest concentration of Great White Sharks, a highlight for some, but understandably not everybody’s thing

But if Wildlife is your thing, than Southern Africa is for you. Kruger Park (youtube it). Or if you make it into Botswana, there are loads of great areas for Safari’s.

Keep heading up and hit up a natural wonder of the world – Victoria Falls you will appreciate the great outdoors like never before. You can hang out in Zambia and if it the right time of year you can actually swim above the falls, or just below is the adventure onto the Zambezi, where you can go on a sweet river rafting trip. Head across the bridge to Zimbabwe and once again you can bunjee jump or get yourself a Trillion Zim dollar note as souvenir.

Ahhh Zimbabwe, a beautiful and contrasting country…

For everyone of the places and countries I just mentioned, it really is the stunning outdoors that makes it such an exceptional experience, but what takes Southern Africa beyond exceptional is the people you meet along the way. It’s the culture and the hospitality, the quirkiness and the resolve.


Which means:

“I am what I am because of who we all are.”

In the last three years I have had the privilege of doing and seeing some really incredible things, but more than that I have met original and fascinating people who have touched my heart and who I will never forget.

 Considering a trip to South Africa or any of the other nearby countries, than yes there is crime, and poverty, and yes you must be wise. But don’t let those things stop you from experiencing one of the greatest, most diverse corners of our planet.

This post is dedicated to all the amazing people who I have met

 and connected with during the last three years in South Africa. Thank you for your love, friendship and fun.

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