It’s official!

Official life changes, and an ode to the best crime fighting partner a girl could ask for: 

A few months ago when @Not_For_Sale asked me to move to Amsterdam from Cape Town to be the European coordinator, my first thought was, “but what will happen in South Africa without me!” Hahaha, Oh the arrogance! Constantly since that thought I have been reminded that I may be useful, but I am definitely not the only one who can get things done! Phew, a little humility.

For example, a few weeks ago, we had a presentation at a police station at 7:30am. I was late. But my colleague C. wasn’t, and she ran the whole thing on her own, and not only did she run it…, she rocked it. The group was incredibly attentive and asked thoughtful questions. Then the two of us walked over to visit our buddies at the human trafficking police unit, and the main officer was on the phone, and he said, “Oh I just have C. here, and uh, her sidekick.”

Thank you South Africa, I think my work is done, I just became the ‘sidekick’.

Just kidding, but it did make me have a major realization. I often think I need to do everything myself because I worry that someone else won’t want to do the work, or I think they won’t get it done properly without me.

And when it came to making a decision about leaving Not For Sale South Africa, I had such a fear in my stomach that all the work of the last year would just flush away if I left. I wasn’t trusting God, I was trusting in myself and my personal abilities. NFS South Africa has been like a baby to me, taking all my time and energy while giving me passion and hope. Around August last year, I reached a point where I started joking that my baby just got born, and now… I guess its time to kick it out of the nest.

I am super humbled to realize that there are people here who are just as passionate about NFS South Africa as I am! And they are going to carry things way beyond, because a movement is not about an individual, its about all of us, taking ownership, taking action, and stepping up to bring freedom to the captives!

God doesn’t need me. He loves to use me, but actually as soon as it becomes about me, then I really think the whole point is lost. I guess I am being honest here, saying that I was vain enough to think that without me, something that is really God’s, might fail. But in reality, the work happening here in South Africa, and the fight against trafficking on a global scale, is a corporate move of individuals in all walks of life, with all levels of involvement, who are standing up to make a difference, and God doesn’t need any of us. But I do think he is super stoked when we give him the chance to use us.

So, if fighting Human-Trafficking is my ‘vocation’ (as Dave Batstone likes to call it), if it is the call God has on my life, then following God wherever he sends me is actually the priority, not worrying that the police may not like the next person as much as me… (I think they like her better though)

All that to say, IT’S OFFICIAL. I am moving to Europe at the end of July to begin focusing on creating viable solutions for survivors of sex trafficking! Which means this is a whole new step, and I should probably get used to the taste of humble pie, because the work in Europe is going to be a whole new challenge completely different then anything I have faced before…

Taking on the ocean just like we take on the streets - best teammate ever!

(Good thing its not about me.)

Saddest part of all this, I love being the side kick to the best partner in fighting crime a girl could ask for, and I am going to miss her like crazy, but for now, she has gotta keep bringing freedom to the streets of South Africa😉 !

Stay tuned for updates on the moving process and all the exciting new things that are brewing in South Africa, Europe, and around the world, as we take a stand for justice!

For all those who have prayed and supported me in South Africa – THANK YOU! It means everything.


2 Responses to “It’s official!”
  1. Madeline Charnuski says:

    Hey. We have never met but I am coming to South Africa in August 2011 for a year to teach in Pietermaritzburg and empower women. I believe education and empowerment is so crucial to keep girls off of the streets and at risk to be trafficked. I read your interview on hopeforthesold and I just was wondering if you could give me a few tips of things to expect in South Africa or people I could potentially meet up with @ Not for sale. (I have a lot of travel/free time) My plan is once I return home from South Africa to attend Not for Sale Fellowship program! Anyways I look forward to hearing back from you! You’re amazing and the work you do is incredible!

  2. justsaskia says:

    Hi Madeline! Very exciting that you will be in South Africa. Our offices our located in Cape Town, so if you ever get a chance to come that far south, please email:
    southafrica @ to be in contact with someone from the team!

    I totally agree with you when it comes to education of women. Considering the high levels of violence towards females and sexual abuse in S.Africa, education and empowerment are key to the protection of the most vulnerable in this country.
    All the best with your trip and thanks so much for the encouraging words! Would love to hear an update on how your trip goes!

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