Dear Sister – A short film

Media has been central to educating the public on Human Trafficking. If modern slavery is happening in our own backyards, than media created to raise awareness has to be targeted to the backyards of the people you are trying to reach and educate!

Dear Sister is a short film designed to do just that, reach and educate those at-risk in South Africa’s backyards!

The film follows the story of a young man, trying to discover the fate of his sister after she accepts a job offer in Cape Town. It asks the question, what would you do if it was your friend, your neighbour, your girlfriend… or your sister? How far would you go to find her?

Watch the trailer here:

Dear Sister was created by Cape Town’s Media Village and directed by my good friend Nk Ncube. I really love that Nk was the one to create this film for a couple of reasons. He has 4 sisters, and he talks about them, supports them, and loves them a lot! Whenever I need to process or vent about a case of Human Trafficking, Nk is a good person to go to. He always is interested, and listens well, but the thing that strikes me as different about him than most people, is that after I tell him about a victim, Nk immediately relates it back to the fact that it could be HIS sister. He often gets angry, and will always follow up and ask me about the situation later! So many people become desensitized to the world’s injustices, it is always refreshing to speak to someone who really lets this issue move him, and move him to action! Nk could even just say that he cares, but there is nothing he can do… but that isn’t what happened, out of a heart moved for justice, we can use the little we have to accomplish something profound and really make a difference!

That is the kind of heart that went into the production of Dear Sister. I know most of the people who were involved put so much of themselves into this short film. They wanted to create something that would change lives, and hopefully stop someone else’s sister from falling prey to the evils of Human Trafficking!

On May 19th, Dear Sister will be premiering at The Labia theatre in Cape Town. I will be sharing a little bit about the realities of Human Trafficking at the event, to let people know how they can be involved! Check out the event on facebook: and RSVP by emailing if you are interested in attending. If Human Trafficking is something you really care about and you are in Cape Town, then this is the place to be next week Thursday!

2 Responses to “Dear Sister – A short film”
  1. Vimbai nzuma says:

    kinda relate to the story,l thnk its a great movie also emotional

  2. justsaskia says:

    If you would like a copy of Dear Sister – you can contact Media Village
    Reception: 021 9757800
    Email: and/or

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