Lets Make a Difference for Survivors of Trafficking!

Not For Sale is always coming up with ways that the average person can take action to end slavery.

Causes.com says that Anyone Can Make a Difference.

Which is why it is only natural for Causes and Not For Sale to feature a partner initiative that makes it easy for anyone and the average person to join the movement to re-abolish slavery. See the initiative here: Give Freedom To Survivors of Trafficking and watch this video on how Not For Sale is bringing freedom to slaves in Romania and around the globe:

With so many causes, all of us average people often wonder how we can choose what to get behind, but I believe that more than any other issue or cause, the 30 million+ people oppressed through forms of modern slavery is something we can all at least agree is wrong and needs people taking action against.

Human Trafficking occurs in some of the most dark and twisted areas of our society, and so it takes us who are living in light to stand up for the weak, vulnerable and oppressed.

Technology has made it that much easier for us to make the difference and take action on behalf of the vulnerable! I hear a lot of people complain that my generation is a lazy one, that we have a lot of good ideas but don’t seem to take initiative. I wonder if those people are really seeing our generation through the right lens. Maybe for us, taking action is joining a group, following on twitter, and donating to a cause on Facebook.

I don’t discourage physically getting out from behind the computer and doing something, but I also think today, inviting all your friends to join a cause, can still create a big an impact.

This partnership with Causes.com and Not For Sale is one of those opportunities when you do not have do anymore then click a few buttons and you can positively affect the life of someone else. Just this morning Not For Sale posted their feature Cause, and as I am sitting here writing this, over $1000.00 has already been raised via facebook.

$1000.00 which will go to support 1 survivor of trafficking for an entire year. $1000.00 donated by 40 people to change the course of an individual in Romania.

When I was visiting the Not For Sale project in Romania, I met a lot of girls who had been forced into the sex trade at a very young age. I got the honour of hearing their stories, I got to see them educated in new vocations, and I got to share ‘family’ meals with them. It was an amazing experience. But for all those people who may never meet these girls, but who just take the time to donate to Not For Sale on Causes, you are the reason that these girls get to live and tell their stories, get to build new futures, and eat a meal in freedom with people who truly care about them!

That is how anyone and everyone can right now make a difference.

Join Not For Sale on Causes.com, invite all your friends to join, make a donation big or small, and then ask your facebook community to partner with you in giving! Together, we can see real change happen around the world, and we don’t even have to get out from behind out computers!!

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