CNN Freedom Project: Exposing modern slavery in countries and companies

CNN as a major media and news platform, is doing their part to expose the issue of Modern Day Slavery, and they are doing a fantastic job.

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, the CNN Freedom Blog is daily featuring stories of Human Trafficking, what it looks like, and who is working against it. This way a hidden crime is totally brought into light and regular people watching the news cannot remain oblivious to the reality of modern slavery.

On Monday, CNN posted this video on “Tracking Slavery Around The World”:

As you can see, using information provided by the UNODC, they placed Russia, and other parts of Eastern Europe as having “Very High” incidences of Human Trafficking.

They even go as far to say that these places are effectively failing the movement to prevent trafficking in human beings. Considering the trip I just took to Romania, this article touched close to my heart. I know in South Africa many people from Eastern Europe have been identified as potential trafficking victims, but as I talked about in my previous blog post, being in Romania, and seeing first hand the prevalence of human trafficking, specifically for sexual exploitation, was incredibly moving.

Often I feel uncomfortable when people exaggerate the issue of human trafficking, I prefer telling stories of what I have personally seen or people I have met.

In Romania, human trafficking does not need to be exaggerated!

The truth is shocking enough.

We met girls rescued out of sex trafficking who had been sold at ages as young as 9, 12, or 14. We met a man as old as 60 forced to work for no pay. Trafficking spans a wide range of victims, all whom have had their rights and dignity stripped away.

The work of Not For Sale has been getting a lot of positive coverage this week, as CNN has recognized that Eastern Europe is not the only area where there is a need for change.

On another edition of the Freedom project this week, they focused on the issue of company transparency by highlighting one of Not For Sale’s platforms called Free2work. Free2work engages consumers and companies to demand a higher standard of labour rights around the world. Recently Not For Sale has released Free2work Iphone and Android apps so that consumers can have the information on which companies they should buy from, right at the tip of their fingers.

Watch the video here:

Since combatting sex trafficking in Eastern Europe is just a part of the work needing to be done, and advocacy on how products are made is also a key to changing mindsets, then Not For Sale is committed to making real change in both areas by supporting the work of activists around the globe, and by using technology to change way that abolitionists can engage with Modern Slavery. A third posting CNN did this week was an interview with NFS founder David Batstone talking about the tools we can use as modern abolitionists and how Not For Sale is committed to using innovative technology to make a difference!

Watch David Batstone’s in-depth interview on CNN here:

Basically, there is a lot of great information going out to the masses through CNN’s Freedom Project, there is no way I could highlight it all here, which is why you need to visit: . I know we are going to see some positive change from all of the work being done by CNN! Visit their website and make sure you follow the daily updates on human trafficking and see how you can be a part of the movement for freedom!

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