FreedomSunday 2011 – A Catalyst for Action

Freedom Sunday – A church in Korea commits to help trafficked children in Thailand. An American rock band fasts to take part in the global movement to end slavery, and musicians in Durban, South Africa hit the streets to busk4freedom. This is love in Action! This is purposeful prayer making a difference! This is the movement to end slavery! This is how we set the captives FREE!

Last year after Freedom Sunday, I remember sitting down to write a blog, but feeling a bit discouraged about the whole idea… How does praying as the church really make a difference?

This year I am ashamed that I ever felt that way, because this year, Freedom Sunday has been absolutely inspirational and I hardly know where to start.

Perhaps we can talk about the Mega-Church in Korea, which heard about Kru Nam’s project in Thailand, and decided to cross cultural and religious barriers by taking a stand for justice and committing to raise all the funds needed to buy Kru Nam a new property! WOW, That is Freedom Sunday in action.

The movement didn’t stop with just raising money in Korea, but Freedom Sunday was broadcasted live around the world (with the help of CNN and the Washington Post), where Not For Sale’s David Batstone shared from Korea, Kique Bazan shared from Peru, and Mark Wexler represented in Uganda! People from over 150 different countries tuned in! That is what I would call a global movement.

At the same time, thousands of people took part in the 2011 Fast4Freedom, supported by groups like Third Day, who pledged to fast and donate the money they would have spent on food to help investigate human trafficking around the world and make new futures for survivors of trafficking. This is an Isaiah 58 ‘true fast’, where we ‘loose the chains of injustice… set the oppressed free, and break every yoke, share your food with the hungry and provide the poor wanderer with shelter – when you see the naked clothe him… and then your LIGHT will break forth like the dawn and healing will quickly appear.’ If you look closely at the work Not For Sale is doing globally, you can see how partnering it with a true fast is going to lead to some amazing results, as God’s heart is with a church who is feeding the hungry and setting the oppressed free!

So many stories of freedom this last week, but one of my favourite’s involves a couple of 20 something year old musicians in Durban, South Africa. They turned prayers of Freedom into tangible action as they hit the streets in a ‘Busk4Freedom’.

A group of Musicians using their skills to make a difference!

They sang songs declaring that captives shall go free, and at the same time raised awareness about Human Trafficking, and raised over R2000.00! All this, just by taking the concept of Freedom Sunday, and worshipping God with the skills they have been given, to make a difference.

They recognized that to change of face of modern day slavery, they have to allow prayer to be a catalyst for action, and they took their message beyond the four walls of a church, to declare freedom in the streets and in this way, engage with people who may know very little about Human Trafficking. Their action moves other people to action, which in turn has inspired them to take even bigger steps of action! Way to go Riaan and friends, I can’t wait to see what you do next in the journey of being modern abolitionists!

Love in Action: 2 grand in 2 hours!

If you are reading this, and realize that your church missed March 13th as a chance to celebrate Freedom Sunday – no worries, because your community can make any Sunday a Freedom Sunday. Just sign your group up on the website (, and you can access the many resources available to make your community more effective in combatting modern slavery!

Here are some other links you may want to look into:


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