A reminder…

It has been six or seven months now since the 2010 World Cup, and it feels like it has been years already. It was such a hectic time of life but I am continually amazed by how the stories from that time are still being used to inspire.

Check out this blog post mentioning the work done over the World Cup in South Africa, and the amazing story of how average lives can be used to set people free when we are obedient to step out…


It helps to be reminded of what can happen when individual efforts accumulate to make a great impact.

I really think it just goes to show how each of us can become abolitionists if we are committed and willing to go about things with the right amount of passion and humility.

The story of the girl we met on the street was also visually documented by Unearthed – an awesome organisation creating a video about sexual exploitation and human trafficking. If you haven’t watched their trailer yet, do it here:


If you are inspired by these stories, I would totally encourage you to do a Not For Sale Investigative Training Academy in San Francisco! I know for me and my friends at Not For Sale South Africa, it gave us the skill to be effective in combatting trafficking in Cape Town and in Canada! Visit www.nfsacademy.org for more info:)

If this is what one or two of us can accomplish in less then a year, imagine what a whole army of passionate 20-somethings can do when equipped to really bring an end to modern day slavery! A generation anointed to preach the good news to the poor and bring justice to the oppressed and set captives free! I am so amped right now just thinking about it (Big smile on my face!). Lets see more stories of triumph for 2011!

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