To buy or not to buy? The aftermath of AmazonFail

So, after much tweeting, facebooking, mommy blogging, and calls for boycott, Amazon took the pedophile book off of their website.

Thank goodness. (Thoughts on censorship – see yesterdays post)

But now I need to buy 30 new Not For Sale books, and Amazon has free shipping.

So the question is, to buy, or not to buy from Amazon?

On one hand, I firmly believe we should reward companies for good behaviour. Cadbury brings one fair trade chocolate bar to Canada, a

nd although I think they could do more, I buy the one that is fairtrade, and write them a letter thanking them for the option to make a better purchase.

Amazon did take the book down.

On the other side of things, can I really justify giving a company business that doesn’t have policy in place against something like this happening. Especially when the books I am going to buy are directly going to help raise awareness about Human Trafficking — which is closely related to the sexual abuse of children.

The jury is still out for me on this one… maybe I should wait and see if Amazon makes a formal apology. Or if they are going to take any steps to prevent this type of material from being sold on their site.

I think in the meantime, yesterday reminded us all once again the power of the internet. One person can use it to create a lot of damage, but many people, especially many consumers, when spurred to action, can use it to create change about something that matters to them.

It gives me hope for a future of consumers who are passionate about demanding slave free products, from coffee and chocolate, to car tires and our clothes. Hopefully more people will recognize the influence that is at the tips of their fingers, and use the internet for positive social change.

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