My right? Amazon defends right to sell book on Pedophilia

Just after 1:30 this afternoon I read the blog post regarding Amazon’s decision to sell an e-book instruction manual for pedophiles on their website.

I don’t often sign petitions, but this time I didn’t have to think twice. Pedophilia is wrong, selling a book on pedophilia, no brainer.

I knew a lot of other people would feel the same way, so I quickly re-tweeted, and posted on facebook, figuring amazon must not have realized what they were selling, and pretty certain the whole thing would get sorted out quickly.

A couple hours later I decided to tune back into the debate, and realized that not everyone had the inherent reaction that Amazon was in the wrong.


Some people actually thought that Amazon was making the right decision because removing the book would be considered censorship.

It reminded me of a conversation my friend and I had a few days ago.

He said to me that, as a someone who grew up in another part of the world, he is glad he never went to school in America (to be kind lets say North America and lump us all in there).


Because he says, he is so glad he didn’t grow up with an attitude that says,”it’s my right.” In a developing country, they often need to think of the family, of the community, and of culture, rather then of just the individual.

At first I could feel myself getting defensive. Cause you know, its my ‘right’ to feel that way, but as we talked, the more I came to understand his worldview.

Most of the world doesn’t grow up saying its my right, and quite often that makes me sad. I wish more women in South Africa would know that it was their right to refuse sex with their husband, and to file rape charges if he forces her anyway. I wish more Africans in general could experience their right to education, food, clean water, and peace. I believe so much in rights, that I live everyday fighting for people to know that they have the right to say “I am Not For Sale.”  I believe everyone should know that it is their right to be free from the bondage of human trafficking and modern-day slavery!

But today we can see where us North Americans get way out of hand with our rights. Specifically the right to freedom of speech. The day that taking a how-to book on pedophilia off of a private companies website is censorship because it violates an individuals ‘right’ to freedom of speech is the day I also regret growing up in a system that taught us that it was our ‘right’ to publish and sell books on whatever we want, even if it promotes the sexual exploitation of children. And lets be honest, is not the government, for them to remove the book, in the companies best interest, would be their right.

I somehow doubt that those who are crying censorship have ever been the victim of pedophilia, or let alone had to work with a child of rape or sexual abuse. If they had, I am sure they would be reminding everyone of the painful effects pedophilia has on families. They would be crying about the fear, shame, anxiety and trauma that a victim of sexual abuse goes through, and ‘censorship’ would be far from their minds.

For once, as a North American, I think its time I care less about my rights and more about the rights of people around the world who are being sexually exploited. Consider defending their cause, rather then worrying that taking this book down will be censorship.

Wondering if this book is really a problem, decide for yourself:

According to comments the author made on Amazon – he does not think that pedophiles ‘use’ children for sex, but “They share sexual pleasure with them.” In a few excerpts from the book, he also explains how to solve the problem that condoms are to big for boys under thirteen. (

If this is what Freedom of speech is going to look like on, then, in the words of one Twitter user, “Freedom of Speech, meet Freedom of Boycott.”

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