Long Road

Since Monday evening SA time, I have flown 12 hours to London. Sat there for four hours. 10 hours to San Francisco, then thanks to my forgetful boyfriend, sat there for 4 hours. Then drove 7 hours to LA.

Best part – I am back in the land where starbucks gives me overpriced specialty coffee, and stores are open past 8pm.

This is the Stoked face:

We are way to excited for 7 am (probably cause it actually felt like 3pm) And we are even more way to excited for our delicious treats!

Everyone has their thing they miss about ‘North America’. For me it is fast, delicious specialty coffee. Well actually it’s cheap filter coffee from Tim Hortons. But when that is not available… Starbucks it is.

For Shane, it is toasted bagels with Strawberry cream cheese.

Last time he was in Canada he went on a bagel diet and gained 5 Kg.

Anyways, after all those flights and waiting and driving and all the rest… We have finally made it to the global forum. And I didn’t even have to hitchhike. But we did have to make a quick stop at the Lego shop… you know, for Shane:

It turns out, once Shane is near toys, he becomes five years old again. Pouting when having to leave the store was included in this transformation.

All traveling aside. Tonight we attended the Global Forum on Human Trafficking’s abolitionist concert. Basically all I have to say about that is please check out this band: Enation! So talented, voice that is just amazing, and I know you won’t regret a listen. Also this guy NomiS – Absolutely moved me with his socially conscious lyrics, and amazing bit of spoken word regarding Human Trafficking.

And now, while the day just begins in South Africa – – – I am heading to bed for some desperately needed sleep.

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