Stop Paying For Slavery Tour Estimates!

The Tour has come to an official end, now my brain is just full of all the follow up work that needs to be done. In the meantime, here is the estimated impact of an amazing tour!

The range of events – business, political, university, religious, media – is exactly what the Campaign seeks to reach wherever we travel.
We now have a strong platform for ongoing work in South Africa.

Highlights include:

*A television interview on the E network that broadcasts across 70% of Africa.
*A keynote presentation at the TED (X) – South Africa event with 550 business and tech leaders
*Manpower-partnered workshop, “The Business of Ending Slavery,” to over 60 participants in Capetown and 40 participants in Johannesburg.
*A deal to broadcast our PSAs on NFS during premiere English football games broadcast all over Africa – at no cost!
*An invitation from the national anti-trafficking police (with 9 provincial units) for NFS to provide investigative and technical training
*Partnerships with a network of black pastors in Soweto, a key Afrikaaner church near Joburg, YWAM bases across SA, and two key English churches in Capetown
*Live radio interview with SA’s largest community radio station: Tygerburg Radio

Graham Vanmooten and Saskia Wishart, our NFS South African team, provided extraordinary leadership on the ground.
Graham also heads up Media Village, a production company in Capetown, which provides NFS-SA with invaluable support.
Danielle Easterbrook of Manpower, Inc., did a terrific job getting key business leaders engaged in Capetown and Johannesburg.

We are making plans to go back to South Africa with a “mobile” Academy, as well as a high-level “forum” for innovative business and social leaders,  in August 2011

Below find an overview of the activities that took place in each of the 9 cities on the Tour.


Worcester, South Africa
August 12
SPS Show, YWAM Worcester Base
Total Audience: 120

Stellenbosch, South Africa
August 13 & 17
Event Keynote Speech, TED-X SA, University of Stellenbosch
Meeting with Graham Power and the Power Group – ethical business leaders in SA
Network meeting with Unashamedly Ethical Business Network (CSR coalition in South Africa)
Network meeting with Global Day of Prayer leaders
Total Audience: 550

Capetown, South Africa
August 13-18
University of Capetown
– Workshop on SlaveryMap and Investigation to Social Development Department
– SPS Show to Undergraduate students
Village Media Academy – Workshop on Social Media and Building a Social Movement
Network meeting with anti-trafficking advocacy group STOP
Live radio interview with SA’s largest community radio station: Tygerburg Radio
Meeting with HAWK (police) anti-trafficking unit, Capetown
Network meeting Maureen Menard, international dean of University of the Nations, YWAM
SPS Show to Durbanville Community Church
SPS Show to Meadowridge Baptist Church
Network meeting with Pneumatics (Music, Arts & Theater Academy, university level)
Manpower Event – The Business of Ending Slavery Workshop – 60 clients
Total Audience: 1200+

Muizenburg, South Africa
August 16
SPS Show to YWAM Muizenberg base
Network meeting with Justice Acts, a prevention-training anti-trafficking program in SA
Total Audience: 60

Port Elizabeth, South Africa
August 19
SPS Show to Harvest Church
Meeting with Willie Kingsley, provincial head, anti-trafficking Asset Forfeiture Unit, Eastern Cape region
Meeting with Strategy Media Group – media/PR group providing NFS with pro bono media
Total Audience: 20

Pretoria, South Africa
August 20 & 24
Meeting with Col. Mulalaw, HAWK anti-trafficking national director, law enforcement
Meeting with Homeland Security & ICE agents (US-directed anti-trafficking enforcement)
Meeting with Michelle & Thomas Harding, business executives and social venture investors
Total Audience: 8

Soweto, South Africa
August 21
SPS show to Soweto Ministers’ Fellowship, association of Christian pastors in Soweto
Total Audience: 20

Middleburg, South Africa
August 22
Corpus Cristi (Afrikaaner) Church
Total Audience: 400

Johannesburg, South Africa
August 23-24
Manpower – The Business of Ending Slavery Workshop – Manpower Regional Director Dallas Fenthum an enthused participant
E Television Interview – broadcasting across South Africa and the African continent
Meeting with Duncan Irvine, founder and director of Rapid Blue, producer and distributor of TV content across Africa
Magazine interview with Parable magazine, SA’s largest circulation magazine to the black Christian church
SPS Show to YWAM Johannesburg base
Meeting with Paul Siaki, OC Africa deputy director and leader in Anglican church of SA
Meeting with Tina Ghelli, UNHCR senior regional officer for Southern Africa
Total Audience: 100+ and TV audience reaching 70% of Africa’s population

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