What’s Your Skill?

“I’m studying Architecture, and I am writing my thesis on human trafficking”

Uh what?

That is the way one of my conversations last night went! I met a student at one of the Stop Paying For Slavery Events, who informed me that he was using his skill – architecture – to help fight human trafficking in South Africa!

I loved the idea so I asked him to explain a little further.

He told me that he had learned about human trafficking a few years ago, and the more he learned the more his heart was moved with compassion, and that compassion moved him to action. As a student he decided to use his thesis as an opportunity to research existing human trafficking rehabilitation shelters within South Africa, and then design the ultimate shelter!

I love it.

Who knows what will happen with his research, but I am so passionate about the idea that we can all begin to create change around slavery by using the skills and talents right in front of us.

If you have a way that you are fighting slavery your own way… let me know! I would love to hear about it!

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