One day till the Stop Paying For Slavery Tour

Wow, I can’t believe that the tour is only one day away! So excited to see it kick off in Cape Town with David Batstone coming to South Africa to show us how we can Stop Paying For Slavery!!! I have put so much work into this, I have just a little bit of nervousness that everything will just fall apart;)! But hopefully the planning I have put into place will pull through, the events will go smoothly, and so many more people will get educated on the issue of human trafficking and see how they can join the movement!

I think I am most excited for the University Events – seeing more students join the movement and find their place in the fight against human trafficking is going to be so inspiring!

In more normal news, I finally moved into my new flat! It is such a beautiful little place, with wood floors and fully furnished. I hope it is going to provide some of the rest and space that I have been craving so badly after TWO years of community living. Sharing rooms are overrated. I am ready to have a HOME!!! I promise to post pictures of my new place soon.

So tomorrow, 10 am everything kicks off here in SA. Watch this space, I will try and get as many podcasts and twitter updates as time allows on here so that we can all track with the tour!

Much Love For Now!

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