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  • My name is Saskia.Pronounced(sus-key-a).Cool Fact: Saskia means ‘valley of light‘. I blog, tweet, write, read, and dream about freedom. Most days I am hanging out in places where freedom is in short supply, and while I am there, I learning to tell stories of faith, hope, and humanity.


Trained to make a difference! Shine 2015

The first steps I took when I learned about human trafficking were small. They involved prevention and awareness, and learning as much as I possibly could. I read books by Kevin Bales, and research by IOM, and eventually I was trained by Not For Sale. The training was just two weeks, but it was a … Continue reading

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Real Change Comes With A Real Cost: Bill C-36

Bill C-36, an act to amend the Canadian criminal code with regards to prostitution, has been passed by the Senate in Canada. Read all the amendments to be made to the criminal code regarding prostitution in Canada here: OpenParliament.ca In very simple terms what this means is that Canada will criminalise buyers of sexual services and … Continue reading


One Day 2014

This week I documented my one day alongside many others on instagram via #OneDayHH hosted by Hollywood Housewife. It was fun to take time to photograph all the little parts of my day that I wouldn’t normally think about or share. I didn’t end up sharing all the photos on instagram, it felt like a little … Continue reading


Guest Post – de(tales): grocery store

I have a guest post up on Little Did She Know today… a story about grocery stores, travel, and all the feelings that come with that… On (Canadian) Thanksgiving in 2011, I stood alone, crying in the grocery store here in Amsterdam. The grocery store has always been the place where the reality of travel sinks … Continue reading


Making Better Documentaries By Asking The Right Questions

How do we create awareness raising media about Human Trafficking that is honouring and not exploitative?  For this I have invited two individuals from awareness raising non-profits who have dialogued with me in the past about how to do documentaries well. We are all learning, but I think what they have to say is incredibly … Continue reading


Continuing the Discussion on Awareness Raising: Positive Action and Book/Film Recommendations

What films, documentaries or books do you recommend as effective tools to raise awareness about human trafficking and why?


When Sex Trafficking Awareness Gets Too Sexy (and ends up exploiting)…

[Disclaimer] If you are running in the Christian anti-trafficking circles, it’s very likely that you have seen, or at least heard of, the film ‘Nefarious: Merchant of Souls’ produced by an organisation called Exodus Cry International. I want to start this post by saying that it is very, very, rare for me to publicly criticize … Continue reading


Sabbatical, Rest, and Lessons From the Last 6 Months

This is technically the last month of my 6 month sabbatical. 6 months of rest. I even chose the word ‘rest’ as my one word for the year. Someone asked me recently how I have been doing my sabbatical. How I am doing rest. I had an idea going into this that I could do … Continue reading


Don’t Stop Believing: The Lies of Somaly Mam, and Why We Should Still Support Anti-Human Trafficking Work

I am absolutely grieved that dishonesty has taken place within Somaly Mam’s work, but there is no one to blame but her. Not journalists or those who cheered her on, not those who gave money or went to volunteer at her organisation. She lied and through that she has hurt the cause. But the cause still exists. Her lies do nothing to diminish the fact that women and girls are in need, or that sex trafficking exists. One woman’s lies and mistakes do not take away from the many girls who stories are real and who need committed individuals to cheer them on.


Writing, Learning, Training… and Hawaii

  First of all… A HUGE THANK-YOU to all who supported me on April 5&6th through prayer, practical help and generosity! I reached my goal, and raised enough money for the Crisis Response International training which I am doing in Hawaii. Since many people have been asking, the training has been going really well. I wish I … Continue reading

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